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This article orginally appeared on Washington CityPaper

You've probably heard of the Good Guys Club. We all know it's a gentlemen's club, known more colloquially as a strip club, but can you know a club just from its name and what it is? 

Sure, there are a few distinguishing features: a bar, some TVs showing hometown team coverage, oversized mirrors, sultry lighting, and a couple of stages where alluring dancers perform in the nude (we opted out of pole work). But all these are just an outline of who we are. Several bullet points, if you will – not the whole story. What we are is a DC landmark and a community establishment. 

And we're number one! No, that's not puffery – Good Guys Club was voted "DC's Best Strip Club 2022" by Washington City Paper Readers! 

But that's still only the beginning of our story, who we are, and what we offer. The rest of our story is told by our staff, our dancers, our guests, and the long history we have up here in Glover Park and greater DC.

Our Roots Run Deep

It's no exaggeration to say that Good Guys Club has been here since the beginning of the gentlemen's club era in DC – we predate the Moon landing! We opened in 1966 and were one of the first clubs of our kind in the District. Our name – nay, our raison d'etre – is inspired by the Marx Brothers and evokes the dynamic of a couple of easy-going guys getting together for a good time, hence the Good Guys Club. 

From the early 70s, the club was owned by Behnam "Ben" Zanganeh until 2018, when Ben sold it to national operator Mahesh Patel. Mahesh is an entrepreneur and motivated business owner with over two decades of experience in the hospitality and retail sectors. With a talent for finding and capturing new business opportunities, he has a proven track record of driving revenue growth through team development. In addition to owning eight other gentlemen's clubs, he serves on the board of ACE National

We have a solid management team. Our general manager, Mike Aloupis, has over 40 years in the business and is likely on a first-name basis with most of our customers. Our floor manager Dave Moseley, a 29-year veteran of the DC Metropolitan Police Department, also boasts a supercomputer's memory of guest names and has been a part of the team at Good Guys Club since the 90s. However, a well-run ship isn't kept sailing by the captain and only a few officers. An additional 130 hardworking and dedicated team members make Good Guys Club one of the most loved and welcoming clubs on the DC adult entertainment scene.

As awesome as our venue, staff, and guests are, that's not really the reason you're here. You're here to see some exotic dancing, which is what we do best! We were one of the first adult entertainment clubs in Washington, DC, to feature live exotic dancers, so we've been doing this for a while. So, what Good Guys Club is most known for is our stunning exotic dancers. We have: 

  • Three stages featuring more than 90 of the District's more beautiful women, with up to 45 different exotic dancers every day! 

Our dancers are:

  • Diverse – variety is the spice of life! 
  • Friendly and down to earth – unlike other clubs, our dancers won't just give you a hard sell but make sure you have a great time. 
  • Every body type you've ever fantasized about during those quiet moments during the day. 
  • And they come from all over the world. 

Like other clubs in our bailiwick, we also offer the total VIP champagne room experience. 

It's electric!

Most gentlemen's clubs have a certain vibe to them. They can be exciting and rowdy. Some are intimidating and exclusive. Others are uninviting, militant, or sterile. But that's not our style! We're more like a neighbor club where everyone knows your name than a traditional gentleman's club, and our core values are defined as: community-serving, friendliness, professionalism, and lots of fun. 

The first thing you will notice walking into Good Guys Club isn't the cover charge (we don't have one - it’s always FREE to get in!), it's the atmosphere. There's an electricity that doesn't compare to any other club in the city. Of course, you'll also notice the casually dressed doorman (the suit and tuxedo approach is a bit stiff for our liking), then are immediately captivated by a beautiful full-nude entertainer on the first stage. If you can make it past THAT, you’ll be welcomed by one of the many gorgeous exotic dancers walking around the club. People often comment that it sounds like a party is going on when they first walk up. 

The next thing you'll notice is how friendly and welcoming we are. Our favorite type of guest is anyone who wants to come in and have a good time. Be you a high roller, a business person, an elected official (any former mayors for life out there?), celebrity, local, or just a tourist in town for a few days – we cater to all types. Our only stipulation is that you relax and have a good time. 

The other guarantee we make? Fun at an affordable price. We may be a gentlemen's club in one of the most expensive cities in America but we're also your local hangout. You want to come in and watch sports on the big screen, you can do that. If you want to watch some exotic dancers, or talk to the guy at the next table and have a good time – that's what Good Guys Club is all about. And you can do it without breaking the bank (check out our Sunday brunch and weekday specials). 

We've worked hard to become DC's number-one strip club, and part of that is the inclusive, diverse, friendly, and relaxed experience we've created at Good Guys Club. People really do come here and leave their worries at the door for a few hours of good entertainment, conversation, food, and drinks.

That was a close call

During the height of the pandemic, when the DC hospitality and entertainment scene was shut down, it was hard for everyone. Nationally, somewhere between 78,000-90,000 bars, restaurants, and nightclubs permanently closed during the pandemic. In DC, many new and established venues never came back and even though DC has been fully open for over a year, by December of last year, nearly 50 businesses in the hospitality industry closed their doors permanently. Our industry is still suffering from the lingering effects of the pandemic, but Good Guys Club managed to come back stronger and better. 

Once the city started opening up, our management team came back to build the business from the ground up. We recruited a top-notch and dedicated staff, revamped our menu, and opened up our availability. We're open seven days a week for lunch, dinner, and late night! 

Speaking of lunch, what strip club do you know is open for lunch? We're guessing not many. 

Our day shift is becoming more popular with the lunch break crowd coming in to grab a bite to eat. Given that we're located on Wisconsin Avenue, you can imagine the traffic and parking nightmare. To make your lunch break less of a rage on the road, we're implementing valet parking soon, so you only have to worry about your growling stomach, not the parking situation! 

Let's talk eats, libations, and entertainment. 

We're way more than just an exotic entertainment spot with a bar. Good Guys Club cares as much about entertaining its guests and the community at large, as it does feeding it. 

Our management staff (Say hello to everyone, Mike!) personally does all the shopping to make sure we have quality ingredients. We have a few signature dishes like the New York strip, grilled salmon, and our famous burgers – the latter of which, in our humble opinion, are to die for. The head chef also makes an amazing Lomo Saltado that people are surprised to see on the menu but rave about it nonetheless. Grilled salmon and french toast are also popular food items. 

We recently started doing online ordering and doubled our food sales. This is especially popular with the late night crowd: Our kitchen is open until 2am on weekdays and 3am on weekends, serving our full menu. Where else can you get a New York Strip delivered at 2:30am?  

It goes without saying that we have a fully stocked bar and reasonable prices and an expert bartender that can grab you a beer or make you something fancy. The Moscow Mule has been a recent crowd favorite, and you can get it in a copper cup! We also offer VIP bottle service if that's your thing.

As a local establishment, we're all about our championship DC sports. Guests can come in and watch their favorite DC team on our big screens. And if you don't see your team playing, just ask the bartender!

Of course, no gentlemen's club experience would be complete without good music to set the vibe. Good Guys features all local DMV turntable masters seven days a week. We feature the likes of DJ Casper, DJ Madd OD, DJ Fred, and DJ Supreme, who play a variety of music from the 80s up to today, including requests. However, the DJs we feature are consummate pros and are quite adept at judging the crowd's tastes. 

In addition to our drinks and food, we are, of course, a gentlemen's club with all the amenities and entertainment that follows! Again, that's three stages. More than 90 of DC's most beautiful women. In the nude!

That said, we are more than just adult entertainment.

We are primarily a longstanding business and adult entertainment venue, but we're also deeply invested in the Glover park community where we call home, and we make a point to be a part of that community. 

That means showing up for the community. 

Every year for Glover Park Day, we've been gold sponsors of the event and provided food. In the past we contributed to Stoddert Elementary's Big Chili fundraiser and recently we donated a bunch of toys to the school. We regularly donate to the Guy Mason Recreation Center, too. Last November, we held the Old School Boxing fundraiser in memory of Buddy Harrison, a pillar in the community long-time friend of Good Guys Club. In the spring, we’re hosting a fundraiser for our unhoused neighbors in Buddy's memory.

Our community engagement goes beyond being involved and donating. Keeping our guests and staff, but especially our neighbors, safe is a high priority for us. This includes knowing our business neighbors and maintaining relationships with them. It's also our custom to walk guests and staff back to their cars at night to make sure they are safe. 

Everything we do to curate that fun, unique experience for the guests, as well as maintain a positive work experience for the staff and dancers, is shaped by our high degree of professionalism. Underneath the surface, Good Guys Club is a well-oiled machine from the front door to the kitchen to the stage, and everyone who works here is part of a cohesive team. Not that we have many problems, but our staff is highly trained to spot problems early and have taken the security course.

What does that mean for you? Like Bob Marley said, don't worry about a thing because when you come into Good Guys Club, everything is going to be alright – plus beautiful (Have we said beautiful too much?) exotic dancers!

Where everybody knows your name 

Whether you're a long-time patron, never been, or just in town for a few days, come in and visit us. Having a bachelor or bachelorette party? A reunion? Just a party? Book a private event with us. 

We promise you won't regret it! Good food. Good drink. Good entertainment. Sports. And we even got a cigarette machine – everything you need for a relaxed, fun night out. You won't want to leave the Best Strip Club in DC! 


Voted "D.C.'s Best Strip Club 2022” by Washington City Paper Readers!

Thank you for making Good Guys Club the "Best Strip Club in DC"! We appreciate you all for being a part of Good Guys Club Since 1966!

#1 Gentlemen’s Club in DC Since 1966

  • Always Free Admission
  • 3 Stages featuring 35+ of the most beautiful women in DC
  • VIP Bottle Service featuring Premium Champagne
  • Champagne Rooms & Private Dances
  • Live DJ Daily
  • Kitchen’s open late with full menu until close
  • Open Daily from 12 noon until 2:30am Sunday to Thursday, 3:30am on Friday & Saturday